Grounded was created to help you disconnect and decompress through the appreciation of plants in the spaces we occupy. Our selection of plants has a plethora of benefits designed to elicit a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

From boosting your creativity and concentration, to reducing stress and purifying the air, the influence of plants within a given environment, has proven to be advantageous. Introducing plants to your space has the capacity to improve your health and overall happiness.

Sometimes, when the world around you seems a bit chaotic, the synergy between plants and humans are a natural progression in helping us to remain grounded.  

Mignon Hemsley: 
Washingtonian native and co-founder of Grounded, Mignon Hemsley is best known for her background in graphic design, photography, creative direction, gardening and djing. With emphasis on creating aesthetically pleasing designs and images, she encompasses the bridge between minimalism and informational content. Using her skills learned through gardening - Mignon is inspired daily by creating powerful imagery and developing a design language that can translate to the masses.
Danuelle Doswell: Danuelle Doswell is the co-founder of Grounded and an Alexandria, Virginia native. Doswell is a multifaceted creative whose background is rooted in the realms of branding, marketing, and public relations helping clients and companies across multiple industries successfully meet and exceed benchmarks through authenticity, ingenious storytelling, innovation, and pervasive research. Not confining herself to no ceilings or any limitations, her life mission is to make an impact and be of service to others and the world around her.
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