Connect With Nature

Building a meaningful connection to nature activates mindfulness and encourages us to stay grounded.

Ficus Ruby

Coined for its thick, waxy leaves, the Ficus Ruby aka the variegated Rubber Tree can become your home’s next statement piece. The elegant silhouette is worth the mild attention it requires + joy it brings.

Plant and Wellness Resources

  1. 5 Tips to Turn Your “Black Thumb” Green

    At some point in time, most of us have believed we lacked the skills and knowledge to have a “green thumb”. While losing a plant can be discouragin...
  2. 5 Lessons Any Houseplant Can Teach Us

    Just like plants, when humans have their basic needs met, we’re better able to function and lead a more fulfilling life. We can plan, create, socialize and take responsibility for our own growth and advancement. Similarly, when plants are intentionally tended to, they’re cultivated in a nurturing environment, fueled by adequate resources, and full of robust life.