Disconnect and Decompress

88% of Grounded customers experience a mood boost after caring for their plants.

For optimal wellness, enjoy your daily dose of nature within the confines of your space.

The Peacock

Like humans, this plant wakes up during the day opening its leaves wide, then at night, folds its leaves into prayer form. The perfect plant to grow with.

Plant and Wellness Resources

  1. 5 Lessons Any Houseplant Can Teach Us

    Just like plants, when humans have their basic needs met, we’re better able to function and lead a more fulfilling life. We can plan, create, socialize and take responsibility for our own growth and advancement. Similarly, when plants are intentionally tended to, they’re cultivated in a nurturing environment, fueled by adequate resources, and full of robust life. 
  2. Plant Care Tips for Traveling

    Whether prepping for a trip or a busy calendar, here are some tips + tools to manage plant care while you’re away.

    Plan Out Your Watering Schedule

    About a month out from your planned dates, you may need to slightly adjust the watering schedule leading up to your departure. For example, if a plant is currently being watered every 10 days, you may need to briefly withhold or expedite the water provided before your trip, to match an ideal schedule while you’re away. 

  3. Humidity For Plants 101

    In fact, low humidity levels will cause rapid changes to a plant’s appearance and even damage. Proper humidity, on the other hand, has great benefits! 

    Benefits of humidity to plants:

    • Provides additional moisture to the leaf cells
    • Helps to retain warmth around the plant
    • Works with the plant’s root system to absorb water and nutrients
    • Maintains health and appearance, including new growth