• A Rubber Tree plant shines its strong leaves above a Terracotta Planter.

Rubber Tree

Known for its thick, waxy leaves, the Rubber Tree can become your home’s next statement piece. The elegant silhouette is worth the mild attention it requires + joy it brings.

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The Rubber Tree is adaptable and will do best in medium to bright, indirect light. We recommend placing it in a room with east or south-facing windows that receive filtered light via curtains or blinds. 


Water generously when the top 50-75% of soil has dried, allowing all excess water to drain out. Use of non-tap water is recommended. Reduce frequency during Fall and Winter. 


Mimic their native tropical environment with temperatures between 65º-85º and a high humidity. A few easy tricks to boost humidity are:

  • Misting the leaves 3-4x per week with non-tap water
  • Adding a humidifier nearby
  • Creating a pebble tray that lives underneath the pot

Be sure to keep your Rubber Tree away from drafty rooms, windows, and vents. 


The Rubber Tree is not pet-friendly. The sap inside of the plant is toxic if ingested.


Native to jungles in southern Asia, the Rubber Tree is a gorgeous tree that grows long, oval, and pointed leaves that can change shape over the plant’s lifetime. New leaves grow in burgundy, eventually changing into a deep green. Indoors, this plant can live over 10 years and grow over 6 feet in its lifetime. 


Active exposure to and care for plants has many proven wellbeing benefits, such as: 

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved mood
  • Superior mental clarity and focus

Rubber Trees are excellent at absorbing indoor toxins through their large leaves. In return, they produce oxygen which allows us to breathe and sleep better. Dust the leaves regularly for optimal photosynthesis and shine. 


Rubber Trees are Ficus plants, known to represent peace and abundance in some cultures. Place your Rubber Tree intentionally in your home to serve as a reminder and attract full wellbeing in your life. 


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Arriving to you in careful packaging:

  • Live Rubber Tree
  • Temporary 4-inch nursery pot
  • Care card with tips for success 
  • Grounded Office Hours: Complimentary 1-on-1 support from our Plant Specialist


We recommend ceramic planter with a drainage hole to provide ideal moisture balance and airflow for the Rubber Tree. When repotting, use a planter of the same size or no more than 2 inches larger. 

Ideal soil is a well-draining mix with aerating and moisture-retaining amendments such as bark, sand, and/or perlite.


Nature is unique - each plant may vary slightly from the plant shown here. Ceramic planters are sold separately.