• Self-Watering Crystal
  • Self-Watering Crystal
  • Self-Watering Crystal

Self-Watering Crystal

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This sleek, glass crystal takes the worry of under-watering off your hands. With a cork bottom, it intelligently trickles water into the soil over the course of 3-4 days. Say hello, new growth!


Arriving to you in careful packaging:

  • One 7oz self-watering, glass crystal
  • Instruction Manual


  1. Fill with non-tap, room temperature water.
  2. Cork-bottom down, angle the crystal 1-2 inches into the soil.
  3. Following your plant’s care needs, refill as needed.
  4. Wipe clean as needed.

Note: Follow your plant’s standard care needs to understand how often the crystal should be refilled. Check moisture levels with your finger + remember that soil in bright light dries faster than plants in low light. 


  • Plants in bright light
  • Plants that prefer moist soil
  • Fast growing plants in the growing season
  • Care while traveling
  • Planters 4”-6” wide (1 crystal) 
  • Planters 8”-12” wide (2 crystals recommended)
  • Best for planters with drainage holes