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Gold Mister

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    Production Description

    Elegantly compact, this mister is the perfect plant accessory. Each pump delivers a generous mist, boosting humidity and keeping your plants healthy + happy.

    A must-have for any decorated indoor paradise, this mister delivers a tropical environment without cramping your space.


    What's Included

    • Includes one 5.75” H x 3.5” W Brass mister
    • Holds 10 oz of water

    Recommended For

    Most indoor homes are too dry for our tropical plants, especially when we utilize A/C and heat sources. Misting the leaves is a great way to accommodate their humidity needs. Mist all your tropical plants, including:

    • Pothos
    • Marantas
    • Calatheas
    • Neanthe Palm
    • Philodendrons

    Cacti and succulents should be kept away from sources of humidity.

    How To Use

    • Fill Gold Mister with non-tap water
    • Generously mist leaves at least 3-4x per week
    • Refill as needed.
    • Wash occasionally with warm water and soap.