• A mature ZZ Plant with many stems filling an 8-inch pot.
  • A man holds a mature ZZ plant with both hands.
  • A close-up of the graceful stems on the ZZ Plant.

8in ZZ Plant

An ancient symbol of good fortune, the stunning ZZ Plant makes a positive statement in homes and businesses. These will grow with ease under little attention, thriving in lower light levels with hands-off caregiving.

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The ZZ Plant is happy with any level of indirect light, even flourishing under artificial or low lighting. Proximity to afternoon sun is not recommended.  


This succulent is drought tolerant and will require that the soil fully dries in between waterings. ZZ’s have a root system that stores water, making them hardy and forgiving under some neglect. Reduce frequency during fall and winter.


Their native environment is warm and dry, so average indoor air tends to work well for the ZZ Plant. Keep them in temperatures between 65-85º and away from sources of humidity. 


Keep out of reach from curious pets as these are toxic when ingested.


The ZZ Plant grows upright, graceful, wand-like stems that start thick and bulbous at the base, then tapers to a point. They produce shiny, dark green oval-shaped leaves along the stem. They can grow about 4 feet tall and under ideal conditions, will grow in width by many more stems. Native to dry areas of Africa, their unique root system stores water, which is why the plant can survive infrequent watering.


Active exposure to and care for plants has many proven wellbeing benefits, such as: 

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved mood
  • Superior mental clarity and focus

ZZ Plants are also tremendous air purifiers, capable of removing significant amounts of xylene, toluene, benzene, and ethylbenzene from the air. Keep their leaves free of dust for optimal photosynthesis, oxygen production, and natural shine. 


An ancient symbol of growth, protection, and good fortune, these are praised for their protective and prosperous energy in feng shui practices. Consider placing them in the east or southeast corner of your home, out of direct sunlight. 


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Arriving to you in careful packaging:

  • Live ZZ Plant 
  • Temporary 8-inch nursery pot
  • Care card with tips for success
  • Grounded Office Hours: Complimentary 1-on-1 support from our Plant Specialist


We recommend clay or terra cotta planters with a drainage hole to provide ideal moisture control and airflow for the ZZ Plant. 

Ideal soil is a cacti/succulent mix with drainage-enhancing amendments such as sand or perlite.

Nature is unique - each plant may vary slightly from the plant shown here. Ceramic planters are sold separately.