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Jade Plant

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The Jade Plant requires bright and indirect light. Place it in your brightest room, near an east, west, or south-facing window and out of direct sun rays. 
Allow soil to 75% dry in between waterings. While this succulent stores water in its leaves, they do best when soil does not go totally dry. Jade plants can benefit from careful bottom watering and thorough soak on occasion. Be sure to reduce frequency during the fall and winter.
Their native environment is warm and dry, so average indoor air tends to work well. Keep them in temperatures between 60º-75º and away from sources of humidity. 
Keep out of reach from curious pets. These are toxic when ingested.
Jade Plants are succulents from South Africa that grow in the shape of a small bush or tree. Their trunks are narrow and branch off with balanced growth. Each branch shows groups of small, rain-drop leaves that are naturally a shiny green but will produce red when they’re overexposed to sunlight. These slow growers can reach up to 6 feet tall, however, the trunk can be fragile to their top-heavy growth that requires mindful pruning. 
Active exposure to and care for plants has many proven wellbeing benefits, such as: 
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved mood
  • Superior mental clarity and focus
Jade Plants do an excellent job of removing common indoor toxins from our air, especially toluene and acetone. Keep their leaves free of dust for optimal photosynthesis, oxygen production, and natural shine. 
A symbol of luck and prosperity, the Jade Plant is a meaningful emblem to activate the energy in any space. Consider placing your Jade in the southeast or far left corner of your home to attract wealth, following ancient Feng Shui practices. 
Highly cherished in many cultures, these resilient plants are known to be generational and are often passed down. They make a thoughtful gift for those who have been impactful in our lives.
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Arriving to you in careful packaging:
  • Live Jade plant
  • Temporary 4-inch or 6-inch nursery pot
  • Care card with tips for success 
We recommend a sturdy clay planter with a drainage hole to provide ideal moisture control and airflow for the Jade Plant. Ceramic planters with drainage will also work but plastic will not be heavy enough to support a Jade’s growth. 
Ideal soil is a cacti/succulent mix with drainage-enhancing amendments such as sand, coco coir.

    (Clay pots not included)
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