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Rosy Indoor Potting Soil

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    Production Description

    This indoor potting soil is mixed with some of earth’s very best amendments to provide aeration (prevents waterlogged soil), drainage (prevents root rot), and moisture retention so your plant takes in optimal nutrients and hydration.

    • Biochar to support drainage, aeration, and water retention
    • Beneficial fungi and bacteria to support a healthy root system
    • Pine Bark Fines to support aeration, drainage, and structure
    • Compost provides organic matter, nutrients, and drainage

    Get right to the roots of plant health and growth with high-quality soil full of natural materials beloved by your houseplants. Healthy and weak greenery alike benefits from this robust soil mix. Plus, it’s sourced + manufactured thoughtfully, with the planet in mind.


    What's Included

    • One 4-quart bag of Rosy Indoor Potting Soil Mix (pots about one to two 6-inch plants).

    Recommended For

    • All houseplants, including
    • Plants that have not been potted or received new soil for 1+ years
    • Plants that have not been fertilized
    • Plants that have dealt with root rot or pest infestations
    • Replacing old soil that dries too quickly
    • Replacing the top few inches of old soil for a boost of freshness

    Note: Indoor Potting Mix can work for Cacti and Succulents; however, we recommend checking out our Cacti and Succulent-specific potting mix to provide better drainage for these varieties.

    How To Use

    1. Choose an empty, clean planter
    2. Fill the planter with about 2 inches of soil*
    3. Remove as much dirt as possible from your plant’s root ball
    4. Gently place your plant into the planter, holding it upright in place
    5. Fill the surrounding remaining space in your planter with soil. Soil should reach about the top inch of the planter.
    6. Water generously to help the plant settle in.

    *If your planter does not have a drainage hole, you can add 1-2 inches of pebbles at the base of your planter before you add the first 2 inches of soil. This offers built-in drainage.