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Herati Planter

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    Production Description

    Glazed terracotta meets organic design where your plant can thrive. The hand-painted black line work spirals around the planter, each unique in its own way. The interior is black and glazed, along with a matching saucer.

    This 6.5-inch planter is equipped with a drainage hole and matching saucer.

    Bring one-of-a-kind functional art into your green space. Glazed clay helps retain a moisture balance within the soil, so you're never doing more plant chores than needed.


    What's Included

    Arriving to you in careful packaging:

    • One 6.5" Clay Planter
    • One Matching Saucer

    Planter may differ slightly from the photos shown, as each planter is unique.

    Recommended For

    Plants coming from a planter of the same size or smaller.

    How To Use

    1. Remove your plant from its current pot by gently turning it on its side and working the soil loose
    2. Add soil to the bottom 1/3 of the planter
    3. Insert your plant (the dirt ball should be mostly removed from the roots)
    4. Fill remaining space with fresh soil
    5. Water to help the roots settle into their new home