A group of people using outdoor trails to relieve stress.

Why It's Important To Engage With Nature

As Earth Day 2022 and Grounded’s 2nd Anniversary approaches, we’re taking time to emphasize why nature is the powerhouse behind what we do. Through the force of nature, we are provided healing, sanctuary, food, water, and even improvements to our mental health.

Green spaces such as parks, forests, gardens, and wetlands all offer us immense benefits simply by spending time being present and engaged in a serene setting. Whether amongst the beauty of wild greenery or an indoor jungle, engaging with nature helps us stay grounded. 


Many of us live overstimulated lives, juggling responsibilities, technology use, relationships, and more. As stress levels rise under limited time and resources, wellness can feel inaccessible and low-priority. No matter how well-functioning one might be, living a high-stress life leads to a multitude of health issues.


In contrast, studies have shown that spending time in green spaces boosts our serotonin, lowers stress levels, and improves our cognitive abilities. Thus, exposure to nature supports our mental + emotional well-being and provides us with a means of escape. This means we can award ourselves a mental break by sitting at a park, going for a hike, and even handling soil. In return, we notice lesser symptoms of anxiety, better performance on attentive tasks, and feelings of pleasure.


We’re also lucky enough to experience these same benefits through the houseplants we bring into our spaces. In fact, over 60% of our long-term customers have reported improved mindfulness and mood boost, thanks to the greenery in their homes. Simply being exposed to the elements of nature gives us space to mentally exhale, be present, and reset.   


Building a meaningful connection to nature activates mindfulness and encourages us to appreciate the present moment. One method for harnessing nature’s therapeutic qualities is to engage in nature using your senses - no matter where you’re at or what green space you may have access to.  

Some examples of connecting in this way are:

  • Listening to the sound of birds
  • Taking in the smell of flowers or rain
  • Touching grass or dirt
  • Watching clouds or the smooth motion of water
  • Inhaling fresh air

Allowing ourselves to be present in nature builds the practice of gratitude and mindfulness. Not to mention that it reminds us we are a part of an ecosystem, existing among other life forms and forces. Through nature, we’re offered the gift of wellness and an opportunity to purely disconnect + decompress. 


As accessible as nature should be, not all areas have an abundance of it. Here’s a list of creative ways to spend time in nature this Earth Week and always:

  • Have a picnic with friends or solo
  • Plan a trip to a walking/hiking trail 
  • Visit a conservatory, nature museum, or community garden
  • Repot your plants for an abundant growing season
  • Go bird watching
  • Take a walk on a quiet, tree-lined street in your neighborhood
  • Read at a park bench
  • Plant seeds to grow foods or flowers


How have your plants in your space kept you grounded? We love to hear from our customers! :) 

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