A person using eggshells to make a DIY homeade plant fertilizer.

Using Eggshells to Fertilize Your Plants



Leftover eggshells from your kitchen can be repurposed to naturally fertilize your plants with a calcium treatment. Plants need calcium to build up healthy cell walls, as well as to message when the plant is stressed. Low calcium levels can cause stunted growth, spreading brown spots, and a struggle to stand upright. Adding eggshells into soil can also improve aeration, lower acidity levels, and shells can even be used as seed starters.
Prepare Eggshell Water or grind the shells into a powder to treat your soil in rotation with other natural fertilizers during the growing season. Other tips and our step-by-step instructions for creating your own Eggshell fertilizer are below!



  • Sanitized Eggshells (as many as you can collect at a time)
  • Filtered, Distilled, or Spring Water
  • Pot for boiling water
  • Jar or bowl
  • Watering can

    Note: Eggshells should be rinsed and sanitized before using as a fertilizer treatment. To sanitize, boil the shells in water for 5 minutes, or bake for 30 minutes at 250°. 

    How to Make Eggshell Water

    Eggshell water will add calcium and lower the soil’s acidity levels. Craft a nutritious eggshell “tea” to water the soil of your plants by steeping crushed eggshells in boiling water. 



    1. Boil filtered water. 
    2. Rinse and lightly crush eggshells using a wooden utensil, mortar & pestle bowl, or blender.
    3. Place eggshells in a jar or bowl.
    4. Add the boiling water.
    5. Let the water cool to room temperature.
    6. Strain water to remove eggshells.
    7. Feed directly into the soil at room temperature.

    How to Make Eggshell Powder:

    Eggshell powder can be incorporated directly into soil to enhance aeration, add calcium, and lower acidity. 


    1. Crush rinsed and sanitized eggshells into a powder using a wooden utensil, mortar & pestle bowl, or blender.
    2. Work the eggshell powder into the soil of your plants by hand. 
    3. Water soil to allow treatment to absorb into the soil.


      • Nutrients come in small amounts in eggshells, so rinsing and collecting to use at once will be most effective. 

      • You can work your strained eggshell remnants from the eggshell water into the soil to improve aeration. 

      • Be sure to sanitize the eggshells before they make contact with any soil.