A plant sits at the table of a new home.

Top Plants for Housewarming Gifts

Hopefully, you’re here to ditch plans for an average housewarming gift and be inspired by something fresh and thoughtful. Most of us envision homes as a place of escape, peace, productivity, and comfort. The gifts we select to support this vision can be meaningful without overdoing the occasion or your budget.  


Plants are the perfect gift for a new home because they serve as a living, growing calendar of life’s timestamps. We can carry them with us for years and recall, “This Money Tree has grown so much since that apartment on Green Street”.  Ancient Feng Shui philosophy has also emphasized the importance of plants in the home for over 6,000 years. Respectfully inviting nature indoors welcomes harmonious and positive energy into our space, leading to greater happiness, success, and health.

In addition to plants' ability to support our mental and emotional health, they also carry ancient symbolism that deepens our connection to them. Gifting greenery that symbolizes abundance, prosperity, or gratitude makes a lasting impact in the home. Compared to popular gifts like candles or wine, plants have a far longer life and greater return on our wellness and atmosphere.


The best housewarming plants will match the recipient’s capacity for care, namely their schedule and habits. Don’t overthink this, though. Each plant ships with a Care Card, plus our Plant Specialist is available to support the recipient through any future concerns. 

Another route for choosing the perfect plant is to find one with symbolism that will resonate with the recipient and wish them well. There’s a match for every person and home - whether a colleague, sibling, partner or friend!

Check out our recommendations for Top Housewarming Gifts and the reasons why we love them:   

Succulent Box 

  • Low maintenance and can go weeks without water  
  • Great for brand new plant parents, travelers, and small spaces 
  • Succulents are incredibly hardy and symbolize resilience 

Plant Subscription 

  • Gives the recipient something to look forward to while settling in over 3-4 months
  • Perfect for people who are enthusiastic about plants
  • Our Subscription Collection ships a new green meaning each month*! 

ZZ Plant 

  • Low maintenance and budget friendly
  • Great for homes of all light levels and forgetful humans
  • ZZ’s are a symbol of protection and good fortune

Maranta Duo 

  • Pet-friendly and show off active leaves throughout the day 
  • Ideal for a person who can give plants weekly attention 
  • Marantas symbolize new beginnings and gratitude

Abundance Set 

  • Arrives with everything a plant parent needs for success
  • The complete package for a new home’s tabletop, shelf, or windowsill
  • Pothos plants symbolize abundance + welcome a flow of good energy into the home

Feel good about your purchase trusting that the gift of greenery is the gift of wellness, a reminder to slow down and take care, and an offer to disconnect + decompress. 

*Plant Subscriptions are active for three or four months, depending on your selection. Every 30 days, the subscription payment is charged as we prepare the recipient's next shipment. A new plant + ceramic planter arrives monthly. The subscription automatically ceases after the 3-4 month period.



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