A person smiles as they open their new plant package in the mail.

What To Do After Your Plant Arrives In The Mail

So you've unboxed and welcomed home a new plant, congratulations! You're now a part of our community and one step closer to a healthier life. To make sure that you + your new plant are set up for success, here is our quick list of Do's and Don'ts. 



1. Take note of the plant's appearance. Some plants will experience temporary transport shock (read more below). Contact us with any concerns*. 

2. Remove the protective shavings on top of the soil.

3. Water the plant if the soil is dry. If the Care Card says your new plant likes humidity, be sure to give it a mist of water. 

4. Remove any yellow or damaged leaves. 



1. Don't place in bright light right away. After traveling in a dark box, it will need to adjust in medium, indirect light for 1-3 days.

2. Avoid repotting right away. Your plant needs 1-3 weeks to settle in, or wait until Spring when it has the most energy. 

*Contact us within 48 hours of delivery for any order issues. Please include a photo so we can better assist you! 


After a just few days of adjusting, your plant will be ready to develop a true routine with you. If you'd like to learn more about common signs of stress and other tips, keep reading below. 



Plants at Grounded Headquarters are kept in an ideal, controlled environment with daily care and attention. Shipping them in a dark box with fluctuating temperatures and movement can throw them for a loop. They're living things, after all!


Common signs of transport stress upon or after arrival are:

  • Wilted or droopy leaves 
  • Yellow leaves 
  • Minimal leaf loss 

With proper care after delivery, signs of stress should cease in 2-5 days. More sensitive varieties can take longer to adjust. If you're worried about your plant's recovery, please schedule a free Office Hours call with our Plant Specialist and email us right away so we can help. 


Factors that affect transport stress are:

  • Time of Year - Plants have more energy to recover during spring and summer. Temperatures are likely to be more tolerable as well.
  • Species of Plant - Some plants are more sensitive to change than others.
  • Handling - We provide bright "FRAGILE" stickers to assist our mail carriers with gentle handling along the route.
  • Weather - Extreme weather conditions can cause stress or damage to tissue cells. 

Even the most resilient plants can undergo shock but more often than not, there is no cause for alarm. Be sure to follow the care steps and let it rest for the next few days. 



Plants rely on quality rest when adjusting to new environments. A few pointers are: 


  • Keep it in a comfortable room above 65º.
  • Place away from drafts, vents, and cold windows.
  • Move it as little as possible.
  • For plants showing signs of stress, be patient. Sensitive species can take 7-14 days to show visible recovery. Send us a photo ASAP, as well!
  • Review your plant's specific Care Guide on our Resource page.

Tip: Begin tracking its routine with a sticky note marking when you received it and when you watered it. 


You’re a Pro

Great job! Taking these mindful steps after your plant has arrived will let it know it’s okay to settle in and start growing. You can now look forward to seeing your new green companion thrive in your space. 


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Our goal is always to bring life into your home + support your plant journey. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ and Resource pages!