A close-up of the Jade Plant.

The Power Of The Jade Plant

It’s well known that organizing our space in a way that feels positive can greatly impact our mental wellness at home. The boost we get when we declutter a room, remodel, or hang a piece of art is uniquely rewarding. Perhaps the most renowned guide for creating balance inside our homes comes from Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art and philosophy.

Feng Shui follows the belief that the design of all spaces should create harmony between humans and the natural world. The idea that energy exists in everything can inform how we build our space, with the aim to achieve greater solace in the walls we call ‘home’. The Jade Plant has long been a symbol of prosperity, believed to attract fortunate energy where it’s placed. By combining Grounded’s Planterior Design expertise and Feng Shui’s knowledge of energy flow, the Jade Plant can be a tool for attracting prosperity - and who doesn’t like the sound of that?


The prosperous energy of your Jade Plant invites new opportunities and income into your space and life. It’s often seen in businesses where it is considered an essential emblem in some Asian cultures. To ensure it can serve us in this way, we must also provide it with a healthy environment to flourish. Be sure it’s placed in a room where all of its needs can be met, including being seen and paid attention to! Next, reflect on the different uses each room in your home has. An office or creative space where you spend time working may feel like an ideal spot for your Jade to do its thing. 

For even more inspiration, take a look at some of these placement suggestions to maximize the Jade’s prosperous energy inside your home. 


According to the Bagua map in Feng Shui, it is best to center your Jade plant at the entrance so that it is visible right when you walk in. This area attracts natural energy that brings new opportunities, career paths, and helps you achieve your goals.  

This area of your home is also paired with the water element. In Feng Shui, elements should be properly balanced to ward off negative energy. Water is associated with cash flow and is represented by the colors black and dark blue. Create harmony by pairing your Jade with a ceramic black planter, near blue artwork, or a decorative water dish.


The far-left corner of your home, away from the entrance is dedicated to bringing financial wealth and prosperity. Placing your Jade here increases financial abundance and should be a corner that offers plenty of bright light! 

This corner is paired with the wood element and the colors brown + green. This representation is believed to symbolize new growth and will enhance the prosperous energy in your space. Plus, an easy win - plants are of the wood element! Your Jade can be placed in this corner to provide a boost of positive energy flow. 

Be as creative as you’d like when selecting a place for your Jade plant to settle in. As it grows, feel free to adjust how it serves your space and where it lives. 



If you feel so inspired to declutter or rearrange your space, open up some windows, throw on a good playlist, and take in the refreshed energy of your home as result! This abundance can also be strengthened through other regular practices of your own, such as:

  • Setting and tracking your goals 
  • Celebrating your wins
  • Letting go of the old to make room for new
  • Trusting yourself to be creative and resourceful 
  • Financial accountability
  • Placing Affirmations for Prosperity around your home:
    • I’m grateful for the ways my income continues to grow
    • I’m open to creating new solutions
    • I approach each day trusting that life is generous to me  
    • Money is attracted to me
    • I recognize opportunities with ease 

We’re rooting for abundance and prosperity to flow into your life! Thank you for growing with us. 🌱 Don’t forget to tag us in your homey plant pics on Instagram @groun.ded!