Spring Cleaning Your Life + Space

Spring Cleaning Your Life + Space

Spring Cleaning has the reliable effect of refreshing your home and invigorating your mental space. Dedicating some time and energy to craft a to-do list for the spring season goes a long way in your quality of life for the rest of the year. 



Dopamine, our brain’s chemical messenger responsible for pleasure and happy feelings, is released when we do something that feels rewarding, including completing tasks! When you craft your spring cleaning wishlist, you’ll get a boost as you prepare and mark off your to-do list.


On top of that, we often feel better emotionally when we've “lessened the load”. Whether pride for accomplishing a hard task or the liberation of letting go, getting rid of clutter and making space for a greater purpose benefits our well-being. Find inspiration to prepare for your next season with some of Grounded’s Spring Cleaning tips.



Nature has shown us that to welcome something new, we sometimes need to grow + expand or shed certain parts of ourselves. The idea of "Spring Cleaning" can be applied with this perspective to all aspects of your life, not just your home. Much like taking on a physical project, an internal and external sweep reaps long-lasting payoffs. 


Some areas of your life that can be purged include relationships, habits, resources, behaviors, and more. What is the end goal of your spring cleaning - peace, joy, success, solace? Consider what can be set aside, organized, or rid of to make space for improvements in your life. These don't have to be far-out plans. It can also mean, "what will make your life better tomorrow?"


Here are some of our Spring Cleaning suggestions for a Grounded Life:

  • Trade in some leisure time to build + refine a skill
  • Lean away from relationships that are not fulfilling
  • Dedicate time and energy to finding aligned opportunities 
  • Decline invites to give yourself more solo time 
  • Create a plan to hold yourself accountable for your goals
  • Try a 30-day challenge that exercises discipline in a certain area
  • Build a healthy nighttime and sleep routine


      Whether you loathe or love decluttering and organizing, we know that such projects typically require a significant amount of time and energy. To stay motivated, keep in mind the end goal. Visualize how you will feel, function, and operate in your space once it's done. Nonetheless, we're in this together. Here are our tips: 



      Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge project. Pick 1-2 priorities across each room or just a handful of tasks that will help you refresh your space to your desire. 



      Put on a playlist or show, invite a friend to keep you company, and be sure to reward yourself with your favorite meal or treat! 

      Pro-Tip: Hit shuffle on Grounded Radio 009



      Research your cleaning style to make the chores work for you. If you struggle with getting distracted, feeling motivated, or organizing, understanding how to clean in a way that works with your everyday brain can be very helpful.  



      Remember that things don’t have to be perfect and you can make this process your own. Don’t forget to take breaks! 


      With these tips in mind, here are some easy and creative tasks that you can add to your Spring Cleaning list. 



      1. Dust your plants! Bonus points for spritzing with a DIY leaf shine or natural pesticide
      2. Rearrange your space. A simple switch-up to the layout can really change a room
      3. Clear your drawers and closet. Get right to it and clean the areas with the most “stuff”  
      4. Head straight for the kitchen. Wipe those shelves, clean the fridge, and clear the pantry
      5. Clean your windows. Remove old dust + grime and let the light shine in 



      1. Refresh your furniture. Try your hand at DIY + finding new functions for your pieces
      2. Create your own piece of art. Make a plant hanger, painting, or hang a gallery wall with your favorite photos
      3. Swap Clothes. Trade clothes with your friends or as an organized community event
      4. Add a new color palette. Paint a wall or thread a fresh color throughout a room
      5. Build a dedicated personal space. For your creative, productive, and mindful efforts


      Share your spring cleaning tips + pics with us @groun.ded!