Attracting Wealth With The Money Tree

Attracting Wealth With The Money Tree

Luck + Prosperity

Plant symbolism has been passed down for generations, varying by culture and time. The Money Tree has held a long-time reputation for attracting prosperity and luck. This is why we often find them thriving inside small businesses and gifted to friends as a housewarming present. 

The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui would suggest that the Money Tree can be thoughtfully placed in your home to maximize its energy and manifestation power. We'll tell you just where you can place this plant and a few things to consider when taking advantage of its generous symbolism.


Define What Wealth Looks Like For You

Wealth has tangible impacts on our reality, including access to health care, quality food, and green spaces. Data shows that green spaces are significantly less available in low-income areas, and has been linked to health and crime rates. Financial wealth secures vital resources for survival and supplies equally important elements of comfort and stability. It's only natural that we would tap into Mother Nature to help bring in this abundance.


Wealth can also be sought after in terms of happiness, relationships, and health. Knowing what wealth you're hoping to attract will utilize this prosperous energy to the highest capacity. Take some time to define your idea of wealth for your life. From income, to rich relationships, to a surplus of peace, you create the desire. 


Once your desire is defined, it is easier to begin visualizing how it will show up and positively change your life. Harness this attraction with power by writing these definitions down, digesting media and art that reflects it, incorporating them into your spiritual practice, and believing that you will see them reflected in your own lifestyle. 


Actionable Steps

One of the keys to manifestation and attraction is to embody yourself in the state of wealth you imagine. In your behavior, thoughts, and interactions, showing up in a wealth mindset pushes the vision into reality. An essential step in this embodiment is creating a plan based on what you can control and taking accountable steps to drive your goals.


  1. Take an intentional inventory of the challenges and weaknesses you’ll face in acquiring the wealth you desire. Note which of these you have some control over with your behaviors or thoughts.
  2. Set reasonable, measurable commitments that will carry you to the next point in your wealth journey. 
  3. Share your goals with your community. Friends and family make great practice in declaring your excitement and plans for yourself. Lean into those who encourage you and hold you accountable. Plus, it gives you a chance to accept support from those who believe in you.
  4. When you need a reminder or pick-me-up, come back to the definition and vision you set for yourself.
  5. Feel free to refine that definition and seek support when you need direction. 

With all change, give yourself grace for the uncontrollable and trust that you will see yourself through to the other side. Have faith in the blessing that come with tending to your personal growth and happiness. 


Placement + Use In Your Space

So, just where should you place the Money Tree in your home to attract prosperity, wealth, and luck? We recommend first prioritizing the tropical environment that your plant needs. Keep in mind that it prefers medium-to-bright, indirect light in a room where it will be remembered. 


According to Feng Shui practices, the best way to create harmony with wealth in your life by using objects, energy, and space, is: 


  • WEALTH: The southeast corner of your space is most influential for bringing in wealth and prosperity.


  • HEALTH: The centermost area of your space is relevant to blessings in your health.


  • CAREER: The area nearest to your front entrance is believed to bring success in your career. 


That's our guide to bringing in the green with your lush Money Tree! Don't forget to take pics of its growth along the way to mark your own milestones. Share with us @groun.ded!