A person holds a Pothos plant close.

How To Attract Abundance With The Pothos

At the intersection of plant care and intentional practice, we find that our relationship with plants can be used as a tool for manifestation. Whether it be timeless symbolism, experience, or personal interpretation, plants have long been used for healing, reflection, and spiritual practice. Our fan-favorite, the Marble Pothos, is respected for its stunning growth and symbolic status as a magnet of living, abundant energy. 

If you have a Pothos in your home or have recently acquired one, we encourage you to include it in your routine of claiming and manifesting your desires. The Golden Pothos is an exemplar of attracting abundance and is a great way to build a connection between your wellness practice and your plants. If you’re interested in manifesting with the Golden Pothos, we’ve got some reflection exercises and care tips to get you started.  


We know that plants have the power to provide us oxygen, sustenance, medicine, relief, and so much more. Their energy and presence have proven invaluable to the overall well-being of the planet and humans alike. Many cultures continue to uphold the ancient significance of plants in ceremonial, religious, and spiritual practices.

Honoring this long-held reverence for plants, we can harness their symbolism and energy by incorporating them into our routines. The Pothos is known to attract abundance, being a plant of luck and perseverance. What areas of your life do you want to bring this intention to?


The practice of visualization can play a big role in both our mental wellness and our ability to attract what we’re looking for. We invite you to reflect on specific aspects of your life, such as your finances, health, and relationships. Consider what you’d welcome more of. Be as specific as you want and keep an open mind. If all fear, doubt, struggle, and lack were removed, what would you ask for? 

Take time to think these through, then envision these areas in abundance. Here are some reflections to consider: 

  • What changes will take place in my life with this kind of abundance?
  • How will I feel when my cups are overflowing with the things I ask for? 
  • How fulfilled will I be when I release fear and doubt to claim what I want?

Once you’ve used the tools of imagination and visualization to your advantage, write down any specific wishes you’re going to be attracting. Writing them down helps to put them in our physical environment as reminders that we interact with every day and holds us accountable for those goals. Of course, we recommend this exercise with your Pothos nearby to strengthen the relationship you’re building with it, along with placing your handwritten manifestations next to it.   


Plants naturally shed old leaves when making room for incoming growth. We often give them support by physically removing leaves or pruning at the start of the growing season. In doing so, we invite in what is fresh and new. Likewise, when we are asking for more of something, it’s good practice to ensure we are prepared to accept this provision. 

Assess any habits, behaviors, relationships, and thought patterns that may hold you back from receiving everything you’re asking for. It may require removing obstacles, holding yourself accountable, and shedding burdens. Give thanks for what is keeping you going and release what won’t serve you in this new season.


In addition to giving your Pothos the best lighting, placing it in your home with intention will impact the energy it attracts. Be sure to place it somewhere with good visibility, as a reminder of your manifestation and care practice. 

In the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, specific areas of your space influence the energy around aspects of your life (such as career, wealth, love, and education). Here are some suggestions to intentionally place your Pothos to attract abundance:

  • WEALTH: To attract financial abundance, place the Pothos in the far left or southeast corner of your home. You can also set it in your office or workspace. 
  • LOVE: Attract abundance in love by placing your Pothos at the southwest or far right corner of your home. Other great options are a bedroom or altar space.
  • CREATIVITY: A Pothos will do well at the west wall of your home, on a bookshelf, and wherever you lay your head to dream. 
  • HEALTH: Attract abundant health by offering your Pothos a spot at the most central space in your home's layout. If this isn’t possible, a bathroom, kitchen, or meditative space are great options.
  • COMMUNITY: A Pothos can also bring abundance in your community and friendships with placement on the east side of your home and in common gathering areas. 
  • In Feng Shui, mirrors are believed to produce more of what they reflect. Be sure any mirrors in your home reflect what makes you feel good. Try setting your Pothos in view.


Just like ourselves, plants exist happily under proper care and health. Take good care of it and be rewarded in return. The Golden Pothos is a forgiving plant - needing light that’s just bright and indirect enough to maintain their leaf variegations. Allow the soil to dry about 2-3 inches down before watering and mist a few times per week to keep it supremely happy. As long as you can keep these basic needs in mind, your Pothos will thrive and grow alongside you in this journey.  


Pothos are one of the easiest plants to propagate by stem cuttings. One single Pothos can be propagated into multiple generations of plants in one lifetime. After placing a stem cutting in water to root for a few weeks, they can be given to loved ones. They’ll live in clean jars of water or can be potted in soil once roots are 3+ inches. 

Along with sharing these abundant gifts, share your manifestations and goals with trusted people in your life. This makes your desires feel tangible, further attracts them, and can bring greater encouragement and support from your community.       


Statements of affirmation can be a powerful manifestation tool and work best when they’re tailored to your specific life and needs. Recite them when you’re able, envision them, and keep them visible in your space. Here are some affirmation offerings from Grounded:

  • Life rewards me for moving through the world with courage and intention.
  • Money finds its way to me, whether or not I’m looking for it.
  • My life is full of people who care about me and want to see me grow. 
  • The creative potential that lives inside of me is limitless. 
  • I have everything I need and I will not go without.
  • Opportunities I haven’t even thought about are on their way to me.
  • My body is a powerful machine and takes great care of me.


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