A person looks peacefully upon their houseplants.

How Affirmations Can Benefit Our Mental Health

We are passionate about encouraging the practice of positive self-care routines that benefit our health and wellness. In a world that demands so much stimulation, consumption, and adrenaline from us, it’s important to be mindful about nurturing our internal environment. Affirmations are just one small and powerful that way we can foster healthy, kind relationships with ourselves. 


Plants respond to sound, and studies have shown that playing music for and speaking positively to our plants can help them grow faster compared to plants that don’t receive this level of attention. Caring for our plants is not only an extension of self-care but can also be a demonstration of how we can care for ourselves. When we believe in the affirmations we speak, we show up that way. Not overnight, but with consistent tending and belief. 

Studies and personal testimonies show that incorporating affirmations into our life can:

  • Boost our self-esteem by reprogramming our conditioned thought patterns rooted in negative self-talk, doubt, lack, fear, etc.
  • Reduce stress, negative emotions + thoughts, and change behaviors informed by those thoughts
  • Help us manage how we handle external circumstances + cope with thoughts or emotions that feel threatening
  • Find peace in our day-to-day lives 
  • Remind us that we are empowered, adaptable, resilient, and worthy 


Some people use affirmations as an important part of their self-care, as a form of prayer, or simply as a way to express gratitude to start or end their day. They are best woven into our lives when we find a way to use them regularly. Here are a few ways to try introducing affirmations into your routine:

  • Add them to a specific act in your morning and/or nighttime routine 
  • Play them on YouTube in the background
  • Use an affirmation or mindfulness app 
  • Set them as an alarm on your phone
  • Build a list of your favorites to keep at your desk or mirror
  • Remember one(s) that can be easily recalled in specific situations 


Affirmations may not initially feel effective or natural and that’s okay. Be encouraged in your ability to explore them at your pace and in ways that feel right for you. Akin to caring for our plants, small steps make a large impact. 



Positive affirmations are most successful when they feel authentic to our own needs and desires. Be creative and open - there’s no one way! The goal is to reframe negative thoughts to a more positive or neutral one. The shift can be as simple as a focus of gratitude or constructing a counter thought in response. 

These tips might inspire the creation of affirmations that specifically connect to you: 

  • Create them based on your personal goals, what you desire, and your values 
  • As a reminder of what you are grateful for
  • In contrast to counterproductive thoughts, behaviors, or fears 
  • Any details about the healthy, fulfilled life you envision for yourself 

In the meantime, we offer you these affirmations + reminders to carry you into the coming week. 

🌱 I release negative beliefs and feelings about myself

🌱 I choose to start my day with gratitude for what I have and all that is coming my way 

🌱 Setting boundaries and prioritizing my needs helps me take care of myself

🌱 I acknowledge that I am responsible for my well-being and happiness

🌱 This moment is difficult but it is only temporary

🌱 I commit to showing up authentically and honestly no matter the situation 

🌱 I welcome and attract abundance in all areas of my life 

🌱 I am actively taking steps toward my goals