Grounded 2023 Gift Guide

Grounded 2023 Gift Guide

Let us be your holiday gift curator! Our Gift Guide caters to various lifestyles and features beloved products that appeal to everyone. From avid plant lovers to those who may not consider themselves "plant people," we've got something special for each person on your list. Rest assured that your chosen gift is well-supported, as every plant includes lifetime assistance from our dedicated in-house Plant Specialists.


Homes with Pets and Children

These are non-toxic (in case a curious pet or child happens to put one in their mouth).

Lemon Lime Maranta
    • Symbolizes new beginnings
  • Ponytail Palm
    • Super low-maintenance, perfect for busy schedules
  • Money Tree
    • A symbol of fortune and prosperity!


The Friend With “Too Many” Plants

Here are some things they probably don’t already have that will make plant care easier.

Beginners and Travelers 

We believe in building a green thumb for every lifestyle.

Someone Who Had a Big Year

Celebrate your person’s wins with big greenery.

  • Floor Plants 
    • The Fiddle Leaf Fig and ZZ Plants symbolize good fortune and abundance
  • Maranta Duo
    • The perfect and complete kit to ground them in nature’s wellness 



Perfect for colleagues, mentors, and long-distant loved ones.


Under $25

Haworthia - Low-maintenance and thrives in all indoor environments

Philodendron Brasil - Fast growing and easy to care for


Under $50

Bamboo Plant Stand - To keep your plants off of the ground

Umbrella Plant- Grows into a lush plant with many leaves


Under $75

Neanthe Palm Pre-potted in a Ceramic Planter - Arrives ready to settle into its new home

10-in Sansevieria Laurentii - Large floor plant is hard to kill


$100 and Under

10-in Monstera Deliciosa  - The most popular houseplant in our inventory

10-in Fiddle Leaf Fig - A statement piece for your living room or bedroom