A person works productively near a healthy Sansevieria (Snake) plant.

Dorm Room Plants That Boost Productivity and Wellness

Our Top Picks For Plants + Wellness In College Life


The pressures and high expectations of college make it difficult for students to take decent care of their mental, emotional, and overall health. The cycle of fatigue, overwhelm, and mental strain can be grueling. Creating spaces and habits that make room for recovery creates a life-long lesson within the walls of a dorm room. 

Harvard found that nearly 40% of college students experienced depression in 2020 - a shocking portion of the student population. As young students embark on new independence, it’s far too easy to override what the body tries to communicate. Luckily, we know nature is one of our surest forms of relief for college life and beyond. We’re here to offer fresh, green tools and tips to stay grounded this school year.

Aside from the pleasant aesthetics that plants offer, they are perfect for dorm rooms and apartments for many reasons that directly benefit a college student’s life:

  • Mental Benefits
      • Increases productivity
      • Improves focus and memory
      • Relieves mental fatigue
      • Boosts serotonin production


  • Emotional Benefits
      • Lessens symptoms of anxiety and depression 
      • Lifts your mood
      • Encourages mindfulness


  • Physical + Spiritual Benefits
      • Cleanses the air of toxins and increase oxygen for better breathing
      • Holds meaningful symbolism for positive daily reminders
      • Color psychology suggests that the color green helps us feel rested and secure

Whether you’re a student heading into your semester or a parent wondering which plants would be best, we’ve laid out our top picks and reasons why they make the list. 


Our Plant Picks for The Dorm


Snake Plant

  • Symbolizes luck + resilience 
  • Perfect for someone whose worried they don’t have a green thumb
  • Can survive for weeks without care

Succulent Box

  • Three miniatures that remain petite in size
  • Ideal for compact spaces, they fit perfectly on a windowsill, desktop, or shelf
  • Super easygoing and forgiving 

Neon Pothos

  • Grows fast enough to be rewarding but not so much that it will overcrowd the space 
  • Does well under fluorescent lighting
  • Vines can be cut and put in water to grow a new plant to share with a friend

Self-Watering Crystal or Planter

  • Eliminates the guesswork and makes watering foolproof
  • Supplies all the water your plant needs for up to 4 weeks, depending on the plant
  • Slowly trickles water into the soil over a few days


Wellness Tips for College Students to Stay Grounded

Prioritizing your wellbeing is crucial when balancing pressing responsibilities from many angles. Not only can expectations feel impossible, but college is also full of new emotions. Even amidst positive experiences and relationships, college can feel lonely and isolating. We hope these reminders will help keep your head above water when you feel overwhelmed. 

1. Download Time Tracking apps on your devices
Taking breaks is an ideal way to work smarter and more productively. Install a time tracking app on your phone/laptop as a reminder to pause for regular breaks. This is a great time to get some fresh air, stretch, eat, or clean up!

2. Utilize free wellness services on campus or a local support group
Many colleges and universities include counseling services in the tuition price, so it’s a great, low-risk opportunity to take advantage of. Seeking professional help can also provide insight into different learning styles and tools for stress management.

3. Find your people!
If counseling services aren’t for you, safe spaces in other relationships are key. As humans, we’re inclined to seek solace in others. Build relationships with people who affirm your full, authentic self.

4. Hold onto small, personal routines

Routines keep us grounded and connected to ourselves when the world around us gets crazy. Small practices like working out, meditating, eating breakfast, and even showering offer a reliable familiarity to return to.


5. Boundaries and needs

Identify your needs so that you’re able to create boundaries that keep you well. Basic necessities like sleep, food, and water are communicated by the body to keep us running. Others, like personal space, alone time, and respectful relationships can take some figuring out. 


Most of all, give yourself grace and remember that you are a living, growing human who needs care and recovery to perform well. Plants, too!




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