Umbrella Plant

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Color — Nursery Planter
    Care info

    Sun: Umbrella Plants do best in bright, indirect light. A Umbrella Plant that gets leggy or floppy might not be receiving enough light. We recommend placing it in a room with east or south-facing windows that receive filtered light via curtains or blinds.

    Water: Water regularly during the growing season and spray the leaves with water frequently. Wait until the soil in the pot dries out and then give it a deep and thorough soaking. Reduce frequency during Fall and Winter.

    Air: Because it is a tropical plant, Umbrella Plants requires fairly high humidity and tropical temperatures; it will suffer in temperatures lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Mimic their native tropical environment with temperatures between 65º-85º and a high humidity.

    A few easy tricks to boost humidity are:
    • Misting the leaves 3-4x per week with non-tap water
    • Adding a humidifier nearby
    • Creating a pebble tray that lives underneath the pot

    Be sure to keep your Umbrella Plant away from drafty rooms, windows, and vents.

    Spiritual Interpretation

    In China, the Umbrella Tree is one of the most commonly used plants in Feng Shui. Its leaves capture positive energy and the plant is said to attract wealth for the residents. The plant's 'umbrella' leaves symbolize protection from the elements.


    Arriving to you in careful packaging:

    • Live Umbrella Plant
    • 6-in Nursery Pot, Ceramic Planter sold separately
    • Care card with tips for success
    • Grounded Office Hours: Complimentary 1-on-1 support from our Plant Specialist

    Nature is unique - each plant may vary slightly from the one pictured.


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    About The Umbrella Plant

    This lush, vibrant beauty brings a touch of the tropical indoors, transforming your living spaces into a verdant oasis. With its glossy, palmate leaves that gracefully arch outwards like a canopy of umbrellas, this plant is not just a green companion but a statement piece. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your indoor garden journey, the Umbrella Plant is the perfect choice for a burst of nature's serenity.

    Umbrella Plant care guide


    Is This Plant Pet Safe?

    The Umbrella Plant is not pet-friendly. The sap inside of the plant is mildly toxic if ingested.

    What Health Benefits Does This Plant Provide?

    Active exposure to and care for plants has many proven wellbeing benefits, such as: 

    • Lower stress levels

    •Improved mood

    • Superior mental clarity and focus

    Houseplants are excellent air purifiers. They cleanse the air of indoor toxins, produce oxygen, and their humidifying capabilities will help you sleep + breathe better. Keep their leaves free of dust for optimal photosynthesis and oxygen production.

    Plant Lifecycle

    Umbrella Plants can grow 4 to 6 feet. tall, 3 to 6 feet wide (indoors); up to 25 feet tall (outdoors)

    For optimal health and growth, use a well-draining soil that retains moisture and a planter with a drainage hole. Fertilize during the growing season.

    Grounded Office Hours

    Have a question about your Grounded Plant? Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute Office Hour call to meet with our in-house Plant Specialist. Schedule an appointment below.