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Joyful Dirt Houseplant Fertilizer

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    Production Description

    Joyful Dirt fertilizer offers plants the core nutrients they require in a convenient, easy-to-use powder. Regular use during the growing season produces luscious growth, strength, and resilience to pests/disease. Noticeable improvements are seen in as little as three weeks!

    Sit back and watch your plants flourish! Powdered fertilizer from Joyful Dirt is just what your plants need for a pick-me-up and bountiful growth. Easy for novice users and gentle enough for all your indoor houseplants.


    What's Included

    One 3oz. Shaker containing Joyful Dirt fertilizer powder

    Recommended For

    • All indoor houseplants
    • Use during the growing season only (spring and summer)
    • Plants showing discoloration, loss of vibrancy, and stunted growth
    • Succulents and cacti are sensitive to being over-fertilized. One treatment during the growing season will suffice.

    How To Use

    It’s as easy as:

    A: Once per month, lightly shake onto the soil and follow with water (a light shake is about ⅛ teaspoon, spread evenly across)


    B: Once per month, mix 1 tbsp per ½ gallon of non-tap water and feed directly to soil.

    Diluted fertilizer should be used right away and not stored. Cease fertilizing during fall and winter.