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Plant Pruners

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Production Description

High carbon steel makes these sharp enough to prune plants without injury to their delicate tissues. The needle-nose tip is excellent for precise cuts and harvesting from the garden. These shears have a safety closure to keep them shut when not in use.

Plant shears for pruning and propagating indoor houseplants and gardens.


What's Included

• One Steel Pruning Shear

Recommended For

• Removing damage, disease, or aged parts of a plant
• Propagating to multiply your collection
• Maintaining the size or shape of a plant
• Picking fruits and flowers from the garden

How To Use

• Clean / disinfect before and after each use with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol.
• To prune, make a clean, angled cut near the stem/leaf base, or directly above a node.
• Propagate your healthy cuttings via water or a soil mixture. If the pruned piece is damaged, discard it.

Tip: Sprinkle exposed cuts with cinnamon to naturally prevent harmful bacteria!