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Flow Duo

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Production Description

The Mossify mistr boosts humidity around your plants through its automatic + continuous misting feature. Producing ultra-fine water droplets, it covers greater leaf surface area with the push of a button and makes caring for your tropical plants a breeze.

Our Metallic Watering Can is uniquely designed to be a functional + contemporary art piece. Made of stainless steel and rust-proof, the can allows you to have water ready and on-hand. The sleek design and handle allow you to reach your plant

A metallic watering can and Mossify mistr (misting device) create the Flow Duo to keep plants hydrated and healthy.


What's Included

Arriving to you in careful packaging:

• One automatic, rechargeable Mossify mistr (750ml)
• 1 Micro USB charging wire
• Instruction Manual
• One 1-liter Metallic Watering Can

Recommended For

The Watering Can is perfect for use with all plants and the Mossify Mistr is recommended for tropical, humidity-loving plants, such as:

• The Pothos
• Neanthe Palm
• Marantas
• Calatheas
• Fiddle Leaf Fig

Cacti and Succulents should be kept away from sources of humidity.

How To Use

Metallic Watering Can:

• Fill watering can with water*
• Slowly pour water around the entire soil surface to fully water your plants. Repeat as necessary.
If the watering can is used to dilute fertilizer, be sure to rinse well after.

**Note: Tap water is the least preferred water for plants. Water should always be room temperature or lukewarm before feeding to the soil. Read more on Water Types here.

Mossify Mistr:

• Fully charge the battery before the 1st use (4 lights on top)
• Add non-tap, room temperature water
• Hold Power Button for 3 seconds to turn on
• Spray the leaves of your humidity-loving plants
• Hold Power Button for 3 seconds to turn off

Safety Notes: Do not power on the mistr while empty or while charging. Do not submerge in water, turn upside down once filled with water, or place near heat/fire. Read more on the mistr here.