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Moisture Meter

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    Production Description

    This Moisture Meter reads your plant’s soil moisture and pH levels, as well as the lighting in your space. Understand the unique needs of each plant in your home by knowing exactly when to water, along with the soil’s nutrient quality, and what kind of brightness the plant receives.

    Soil moisture meter in a light green color. It has two prongs that read the soil condition to detect moisture, pH, and light of plants. A plant moisture meter inside soil is able to read how wet and acidic the soil is.

    Improve plant health by understanding exactly when to water, fertilize, and adjust your plant’s light levels with the handy, all-in-one moisture meter.


    What's Included

    Includes one Moisture Meter. Dimensions: 10" x 3"

    Recommended For

    Recommended for all plants and caretakers. It is especially useful for:

    • Finding the correct watering frequency for each plant throughout the year.
    • Understanding the light levels in your space.
    • Ensuring your plants have adequate nutrients. Most houseplants prefer slightly acidic soil with pH levels between 5.5-6.5. pH levels are affected by soil age, water quality, minerals and organic material present in the soil, and more.
    • Planters without a drainage hole.

    How To Use

    1. Insert the Moisture Meter deep into soil (it’s okay if it reaches the roots)
    2. Toggle the meter setting (Moist, Light, or PH)
    3. The reading is accurate after 10 minutes
    4. Remove and wipe clean after each use

    Note: Do not leave sitting in soil between uses. This moisture meter utilizes water in the soil to conduct electricity and provide an accurate reading. No batteries needed.