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Instant Plant Food

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    Production Description

    With gentle, natural ingredients, Instant Plant Food invigorates your beloved collection with nutrients that build and maintain health + encourage growth. Best of all, these dissolvable tablets make a long-lasting impression with three months worth of essential nutrients in just one use.

    Instant Plant Food fertilizer provides nutrients to indoor houseplants through dissolvable tablets.


    What's Included

    One packet of Instant Plant Food, containing 4 dissolvable tablets

    NPK is 4-3-6, along with naturally occurring minerals, molasses, and eco-friendly waste feedstock (renewable, biological material).

    Recommended For

    Fertilizing supports your plants' root system and internal tissues through the direct delivery of nutrients - resulting in abundant growth, strong stems and leaves, resilience to disease, and vibrancy. Feel free to use it on any of your plants during the growing season! Succulent and cacti varieties can grow happily with little-to-no fertilizer.

    How To Use

    • Dissolve a tablet in your watering can or cup*.
    • Feed directly into the soil of your plants.
    • Repeat every three months.
    *Note: One tablet feeds about a handful of small plants (6” or smaller) or 1-2 large plants. Dissolve your tablet in the amount of water needed to spread across this number of plants.

    Great for use on all indoor houseplants. Avoid fertilizing through the Fall and Winter.