• Beginner Friendly Box

Beginner Friendly Box

Specially curated for those looking to grow a collection without much experience, the Beginner Box is forgiving for new students and those who want easy-going greenery. The Philodendron Brasil, Neanthe Palm, and ZZ Plant are a few of nature’s most resilient gifts - adaptable to any space and caretaker.

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Arriving to you carefully packaged:


  • A 4-inch Philodendron Brasil
  • A 4-inch Neanthe Palm
  • A 4-inch ZZ Plant
  • Individual Care Cards for Each Plant
  • Grounded Office Hours: Complimentary 1-on-1 support from our Plant Specialist


Each plant arrives in a temporary nursery pot.


SUN: Each of these beginner-friendly plants is adaptable to all indirect light levels, ranging from low to bright. Dimmer light can result in slow or leggy growth. 



  • Water the Philodendron Brasil and Neanthe Palm once the top 2-3” of soil has dried. 
  • Water the ZZ Plant after the soil has completely dried. These succulents store water in their leaves, allowing them to withstand periods of neglect and drought. 
  • Reduce Frequency during Fall and Winter.

AIR: Maintain temperatures between 65º-85º. 


  • The Philodendron Brasil and Neanthe Palm will tolerate average indoor air but appreciate humid environments through misting or a humidifier.
  • Keep ZZ plants away from sources of humidity. 


Easy Intermediate Experienced 


Keep out of reach from curious pets. These are toxic to cats and dogs.


Each plant in the Beginner Box symbolizes resiliency, due to its forgiving and tolerant nature under many conditions. Pothos also represent abundance and prosperity, while succulents are an emblem of strength. Consider intentionally placing each of these where their meaning will suit your life and space, serving as green reminders to have faith in all that is to come. 


Nature is unique - each plant may vary slightly from the plant shown here. Ceramic planters are sold separately.