• Propagation Station

Propagation Station

Nothing short of an aesthetic focal point, the Propagation Station is highly practical for growing a mini indoor jungle. Propagations are a continual way to multiply your collection, gift a plant to a friend, and become fascinated by the full visibility of nature's growth.

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Propagations receive 360º of light to grow strong and healthy roots until they’re ready to be potted. Stem and leaf cuttings are supported upright by the vessel floating securely inside the decorative stand. 


  • One Plastic Vessel
  • One Concrete Stand

Dimensions: 4" l x 1.5" w x 5.5" h


  1. Unwrap the stand and vessel.
  2. Fill the vessel with non-tap water.
  3. Rest the plastic vessel securely through the hole at the top of the stand.
  4. Set your propagated cutting inside the vessel. 
  5. Refresh with clean water weekly. 
  6. Depending on the plant, roots will grow in a few weeks to a few months! Once roots are 3+ inches long, pot in soil. 


The Propagation System is perfect for leaves and stems narrow in width that can take root in water. Our favorites for propagating are:

Some plants that can’t be propagated via cuttings in water are: