• Prayer Plant Subscription

Prayer Plant Subscription

Bring the symbol of new beginnings right to your doorstep. Known for their unique ability to expand and close their leaves in response to daylight and night, Prayer Plants are a living reminder to take time for daily gratitude + self-care.

Our Prayer Plant Subscription includes a surprise 4-inch Maranta or Calathea Plant and Self-Watering Planter, shipped monthly for four months. Just the thing to keep spirits lifted for a season, life transition, or eager plant-lover.

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Each month for 4 months, you will receive one of our Prayer Plants, accompanied by a 5-inch Self-Watering Black Ceramic Planter. Each arrival comes with a care guide and Grounded Support to keep you knowledgeable in plant care.


The day of your purchase date confirms the day of your monthly subscription. Subscription automatically ceases after the 4 month period. Automatic payment of $55*/per Month for 4 Months (Total $220), including shipping!


*This product is not eligible for discounts


Each subscription shipment (4 total) includes:

  • (1) Surprise Prayer Plant
  • (1) 5-inch Self-Watering planter
  • Care card with tips for success
  • Grounded Office Hours: Complimentary 1-on-1 support from our Plant Specialist

Our collection of pet-friendly Prayer plants include:


SUN: Prayer Plants can tolerate low to bright and indirect light levels. They’ll enjoy placement at the interior of bright rooms or near north + east-facing windows, away from direct light. Their leaf pattern will grow bolder under brighter light and may fade/bleach under direct sunlight.

WATER: Keep soil consistently moist but not wet. Water well when the topsoil has dried 1-2 inches and use room temperature, non-tap water. Reduce frequency during fall and winter.

AIR: Mimic a tropical environment with temperatures between 65º-75º and high humidity. Provide a regular boost of humidity by:

  • Adding a humidifier nearby
  • Creating a pebble tray that lives underneath the pot
  • Misting the leaves 3-5x per week with non-tap water
  • Placement in a bathroom or kitchen, if lighting is suitable


Prayer plants symbolize new beginnings and gratitude. The daily act of expanding its leaves with the light reminds us to approach each day with a fresh heart and mind. They make lovely gifts to mark the start of new chapters and life transitions. 

*Automated and convenient $55/monthly charge including shipping. This product is not eligible for discounts.

Nature is unique - each plant may vary slightly from the plants pictured.