• A colorful Peacock Plant inside of a Matte Black Planter.
  • A colorful Peacock Plant inside of a Terracotta Planter.
  • A close-up of the Peacock Plant's vibrant leaves.

Peacock Plant

Named after the leaf pattern resembling the bird’s feathers, Peacock Plants actively move their leaves throughout the day to show they’re happy and healthy in their environment. Bring the tropical rainforest life into your home with this mid-level maintenance plant.

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The Peacock plant can tolerate low to bright and indirect light levels. They’ll enjoy placement at the interior of bright rooms or near north + east-facing windows, away from direct light. Their leaf pattern will grow bolder under brighter light and may fade/bleach under direct sunlight.


Keep soil consistently moist but not wet. Water well when the topsoil has dried 1-2 inches and use room temperature, non-tap water. Reduce frequency during fall and winter.


Mimic a tropical environment with temperatures between 65º-75º and a high moisture content. Most indoor air will require extra humidity in order for the Calathea to thrive. Provide a regular boost of humidity by:

  • Adding a humidifier nearby
  • Creating a pebble tray that lives underneath the pot
  • Misting the leaves 2-4x per week with non-tap water
  • Placement in a bathroom or kitchen, if lighting is suitable


Peacock Plants are safe for cats and dogs. 


Peacock plants are part of the Calathea family and are native to tropical Brazil, where they grow low in shady areas of the rainforest floor. A healthy + happy Peacock plant will expand and move its leaves throughout the day to capture maximum light. Each leaf sports a cream center surrounded by a green border. Reaching from the center midrib are repeated patterns of stretched green ovals, resembling the pattern of a peacock bird’s feathers. At night when their leaves fold up, you’ll catch the red-purple undersides of theleaves. Indoors, these can grow up to 2 feet tall. 


Active exposure to and care for plants has many proven wellbeing benefits, such as: 

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved mood
  • Superior mental clarity and focus

Calathea plants are excellent air purifiers. They cleanse the air of indoor toxins, produce oxygen, and their humidifying capabilities will help you sleep + breathe better. Keep their leaves free of dust for optimal photosynthesis and oxygen production.


Calathea plants symbolize new beginnings. The daily act of expanding its leaves with the light reminds us to approach each day with a fresh heart and mind. 

Peacock plants make lovely gifts to mark the start of new chapters and life transitions. 


Easy Intermediate Experienced 


Arriving to you in careful packaging:

  • Live Peacock plant 
  • Temporary 4-inch nursery pot
  • Care card with tips for success
  • Grounded Office Hours: Complimentary 1-on-1 support from our Plant Specialist


We recommend a ceramic planter with a drainage hole to provide ideal moisture balance for your Peacock Plant. When repotting, keep your plant in a planter of the same size or no more than 2 inches larger.  

Ideal soil amendments include combining coco coir, sand, and/or perlite with your standard potting mix.


Nature is unique - each plant may vary slightly from the plant shown here. Ceramic planters are sold separately.