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Office Hours 101: Beginner-Friendly Workshop

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    Product Description

    Level up your plant skills and grow your collection at the same time, via the generously growing Jade Pothos, propagating tools, and a live workshop. Pruning is key to maintaining plant health + propagation is a resourceful way to grow new plants. The Propagation Set combines practicality and aesthetics to encourage the growth of your indoor jungle.

    Workshop Overview

    We’re bringing beginner-friendly + digestible plant care education to you. Join us for our next virtual workshop to learn about understanding your plant’s needs, growing your collection at home through propagation, and the wellness benefits of indoor greenery.

    Get the most out of this course through our Beginner-Friendly Starter Kit - equipped with Pruning Shears, a Propagation Station, and the fan-favorite Jade Pothos. Prune and propagate your plants live alongside our Plant Specialist to share with yourself and your friends. The exclusive set and workshop are perfect for all levels of expertise, especially those looking to build an organic understanding of their entire collection.

    When: Sunday, October 16th @ 1 pm EST

    Where: Virtual (Zoom link sent 48-hours before scheduled event)

    This course is 1 hour long and can be joined through a ticket or kit purchase.


    What's Included

    • One 4-inch Jade Pothos (in a plastic nursery pot)
    • One Plant Pruner
    • One Propagation Stand
    • Link To Virtual Workshop on 10/16

    How To Use

    • Trim a healthy cutting from your Pothos

    • Fill the vessel with non-tap water.

    • Rest the plastic vessel securely through the hole at the top of the stand.

    • Set your propagated cutting inside the vessel.

    • Refresh with clean water weekly.

    • Depending on the plant, roots will grow in a few weeks to a few months! Once roots are 3+ inches long, pot in soil.